The Institute

Following the methods of its earlier Summer Institutes, the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research (CCGHR) is pleased to announce an innovative and more localized model—the British Columbia Coalition Institute (BCCI). This is a collaborative venture involving several universities, all of whom are CCGHR institutional members. Currently, these include the University of British Columbia (including the Okanagan campus), Simon Fraser University and the University of Victoria. Others may be added. We are pleased to be partnering with Interior Health—a first step in connecting a Canadian health system with a capacity building initiative of the CCGHR.

Drawing upon the experience of a similar pilot event in Ontario (in September 2016), the BCCI is designed for “new” global health researchers—particularly graduate students and young faculty members. The intended outcomes include global health researchers who can understand and use relevant principles; enhanced institutional capacity for mentorship; and strengthened regional inter-university collaboration within the larger national CCGHR. Read the BCCI Final Report here.

The institute includes three phases. Click on a phase to find related resources and tools.

  • Phase 1: An intensive preparation phase extending over several weeks
  • Phase 2: A three-day on-site event consisting of workshops, panels and open sessions focusing on participants’ self-directed learning objectives
  • Phase 3: A specifically-designed follow-up consolidation phase that includes capacity strengthening activities in the participating universities and regionally

The overall theme is “Equity-Centred Practices for Connecting Knowledge with Action” using the recently published CCGHR Principles for Global Health Research as a framework. The six principles featured in this framework (authentic partnering, inclusion, shared benefits, commitment to the future, responsiveness to causes of inequities, and humility) offer tools for reflection and action in research and knowledge translation. The BCCI provides a forum for applying these principles, with a special focus on building capacity to mentor and teach about equity-centred knowledge-to-action practices.


*All photos have been graciously provided by Meghan Reading. For more of her work please visit her website.

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