Community of Practice

What is a Community of Practice?

A Community of Practice (CoP) is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do and actively learn by exchanging knowledge to ultimately improve practice. Our members are part of a diverse CoP and are committed to evolving global health research as a model and driver of collaboration, partnership, and equity in the creation, co-production, and translation of knowledge.

When asked what the term CoP means to our members at the 2021 BCCI Coalition Institute, they said:  

“It’s a group of people with a shared interest with a common agenda, working towards common goal”

“It means a sense of belonging”

“It expands outside of the membership meaning that we embody what we learn in the CoP in aspects of professional work”

“A CoP means moving forward in ways that are connected together and identifying what we can achieve collectively”

“It is a safe space where we can support each other in our blind spots”

Typically, CoPs are organized and defined by three aspects: domain, community, and practice

  • What guides our learning?
    • Domain: Global and planetary health
  • Who makes up our community?
    • Community: Diverse and aspiring researchers, students, faculty, and active practitioners
  • How are we practicing?
    • Practice:
      • Workshops and presentations
      • Creating opportunities for early career researchers
      • Collaborating on research and publications
      • Using an online platform that support real-time conversation
      • Working with local partners to engage community through learning hubs

Why would you implement a Community of Practice?

  • The purpose of a CoP is to provide a way for researchers and practitioners to share tips and best practices, ask questions of their colleagues, and provide support for each other
  • This model ultimately helps to solve silos which can often be the case for global health research
  • Knowledge is only power when it is shared with others
  • The BCCI understands that the CoP is a journey that will evolve over time 

How would I join the BCCI Community of Practice?

  • Our community is always looking for members – if you are a passionate student, researcher, faculty member or practitioner interested in global health and climate change research, especially in the province of British Columbia, please email to find out how to get involved.

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