Phase 3: Follow-up

Phase 3 will include follow-up activities proposed and developed during the time in Victoria. Part of this will include engaging the Community of Practice (CoP), a regional network for global health research (GHR) in British Columbia, connected to others in the province who are using research and knowledge translation for health equity. The network is a collaborative venture involving universities, health authorities and the BC SYPs, who serve as a key component group. Membership is available to British Columbia members of CCGHR.

The network aims to facilitate access to resources, mentorship, training, collective learning and opportunities to take part in new initiatives. Some of these are achieved with the following activities:

  • Continued learning and sharing through a webinar series
  • A dedicated platform for members
  • Opportunities to develop and disseminate original content

Webinar Series

  1. In Spring 2018, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) held a series of consultations in reference to its global health strategic planning exercise, in collaboration with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). BCCI hosted our first webinar to further gather views from across BC, specifically those of the BCCI Community of Practice and its key component, Students and Young Professionals (SYPs). Click on the links to watch the webinar recording and download the slide deck.
  2. In the second in our webinar series, presenter and BCCI SYP Kira Barwich guided us through the community-driven process and progress of the Building Blocks for Sustainable Rural Maternity Care, a project that began as a response to inequity of maternity services for North Vancouver Island communities, and explore its alignment with the CCGHR principles, within a global-local health context. Missed it? You can watch the webinar recording or download the slide deck.

Further information

For a full description of the CoP, please refer to the Terms and Reference.

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