September 2018

  • One year after the BCCI launched, we are happy to share the BCCI Final Report! As a member-led organization, we are grateful to those who volunteered their time to make all of this happen. Thank you!

July 2018

  • We look forward to reconnecting and meetings new CCGHR SYPs in the area – hope to see you at the monthly Vancouver meetup on July 4! Have you had a meetup in your area? Let us know!

June 2018

  • Announcing a new course to introduce students to important practical knowledge, skills, and attitudes required in the field of global health, covering planning, delivery, evaluation and sustainability of projects and programs in low and middle-income countries. The principles developed by CCGHR will figure prominently. Practical Knowledge and Skills for Working in Global Health is available to students across BC to strengthen the Community of Practice by providing access to faculty members across the universities in the province.
  • In the second in our webinar series, presenter and BCCI SYP Kira Barwich guided us through the community-driven process and progress of the Building Blocks for Sustainable Rural Maternity Care, a project that began as a response to inequity of maternity services for North Vancouver Island communities, and explore its alignment with the CCGHR principles, within a global-local health context. Missed it? You can watch the webinar recording or download the slide deck.

May 2018

  • Building on the success of the in-person consultation, we hosted our first webinar to further gather views from across BC, specifically those of the BCCI Community of Practice and its key component, Students and Young Professionals (SYPs). Click on the links to watch the webinar recording and download the slide deck.
  • Proceedings from both external consultations were integrated into a summary report submitted to CIHR-IDRC.

April 2018

  • In Spring 2018, the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) held a series of consultations in reference to its global health strategic planning exercise, in collaboration with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). On April 9, BC members of CCGHR attended an in-person consultation, bringing a strong focus on the health impacts of climate change.
  • After each CIHR-IDRC session, one-page briefing notes were prepared for CCGHR members. The health impacts of climate change came through as an important issue – reinforced by colleagues such as Charles Larson, Craig Janes, and Vic Neufeld. Included was the impact of Arctic and the impact on aboriginal communities. View the briefing notes from the first three internal consultations as well as the external consultation in Vancouver.

March 2018

February 2018

  • Don’t miss the Q & A with Jerry Spiegel, BCCI facilitator, on solidarity with Cuba, when building on your own experiences can help you, and how to seek quality partnerships and relationships in global health research.
  • We are happy to launch an informal SYPN Book Club. The theme of our picks mainly surrounds our work, but can also be related to our personal interests within (and outside of) global health. The first book is An Imperfect Offering, by James Orbinksi. We are discussing the books (and other media) at our monthly meetups for SYPs.

December 2017

  • To keep up momentum from the valuable and engaging weekend at the BCCI in Kelowna, we are kicking off a casual monthly get-together to reconnect, discuss initiatives, and meet new members of the Canadian Coalition for Global Health Research Student and Young Professional Network in the Vancouver area.

October 2017

  • Interested in finding out what happened during the 2017 BCCI? Check out the 2017 BCCI Press Release!

September 2017