Coffee chat with Hayley Mundeva

One key thing excites me about future communications work in global health and development – it provides an opportunity to change a narrative. Hayley is a communications specialist who has worked in various communications and storytelling roles for global health organizations. After specializing in global health during her university studies, she has since worked onContinue reading “Coffee chat with Hayley Mundeva”

Q&A with Dr. Kate Tairyan

On the power of competency-based education and leadership for bolstering public health workforce capacity locally and globally Dr. Kate Tairyan is a Senior Lecturer at Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Health Sciences where she co-leads the Health Sciences and Public Health Education Research Challenge area. Dr. Tairyan’s career in global health and public health educationContinue reading “Q&A with Dr. Kate Tairyan”

Q&A with Dr. Cherie Enns

I think I am always learning and my thoughts on this are always shifting. What right do I have to impose ideas and values on other communities? For me, more recently, it means I am more of a listener than a doer Dr. Cherie Enns is an associate professor at the University of the FraserContinue reading “Q&A with Dr. Cherie Enns”