Coffee chat with Hayley Mundeva

One key thing excites me about future communications work in global health and development – it provides an opportunity to change a narrative. Hayley is a communications specialist who has worked in various communications and storytelling roles for global health organizations. After specializing in global health during her university studies, she has since worked onContinue reading “Coffee chat with Hayley Mundeva”

Q&A with Dr. Kate Tairyan

On the power of competency-based education and leadership for bolstering public health workforce capacity locally and globally Dr. Kate Tairyan is a Senior Lecturer at Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Health Sciences where she co-leads the Health Sciences and Public Health Education Research Challenge area. Dr. Tairyan’s career in global health and public health educationContinue reading “Q&A with Dr. Kate Tairyan”

Discussion forum: Reflections on a COVID-19 summer

In light of “no more normal”, what are your ideas about what we, as the BCCI Community of Practice could explore in the next several months? By Vic Neufeld Here we are in mid-summer, and I think we can all agree that this is been a most unusual summer because of the COVID-19 pandemic andContinue reading “Discussion forum: Reflections on a COVID-19 summer”

Q&A with Dr. Cherie Enns

I think I am always learning and my thoughts on this are always shifting. What right do I have to impose ideas and values on other communities? For me, more recently, it means I am more of a listener than a doer Dr. Cherie Enns is an associate professor at the University of the FraserContinue reading “Q&A with Dr. Cherie Enns”

A tale of two crises

It might be that with this combination of reduced consumption and reduced environmental harm, coupled with societal commitment to ensuring the meeting of basic needs for all, we will find ourselves unintentionally creating the well-being economy we need in the 21st century By Vic Neufeld & Katrina Plamondon Undoubtably, the COVID-19 situation is occupying muchContinue reading “A tale of two crises”

Solutions to pollution

Two students from the University of Fraser Valley describe how they took initiative in raising awareness about planetary health through the effective use of social media. Read on to explore how you can adapt this project in your own community. By Julie Rhodes & Julia Chalmers What are your names and research areas? My nameContinue reading “Solutions to pollution”

Nursing in the realm of planetary health

By Raluca Radu Planetary health is an attitude towards life and a philosophy for living. Horton et al., 2014, p. 847 As the largest body of healthcare workers worldwide, nurses have been traditionally known to provide care for patients within a myriad of settings, whether they are hospitals, community health clinics, long-term facilities, to nameContinue reading “Nursing in the realm of planetary health”

Podcast: How climate change affects nursing with Raluca Radu

The podcast for nurse leaders who are ready to shift their thinking from “just a nurse” to claim their position as a powerful agent for change. Join host, Amy Deagle, the Founder and CEO of the International Network of Nurse Leaders, as she interviews nurse leaders from across the country to talk about their personalContinue reading “Podcast: How climate change affects nursing with Raluca Radu”

Connections between planetary health, indigenous sovereignty, and sports

Reflections from the 2019 British Columbia Coalition Institute By Claire Remington A recent UN report celebrated the insight that “Indigenous sovereignty could save the planet.” At the British Columbia Coalition Institute workshop at the University of Victoria, Dr. Shannon Waters, a member of Stz’uminus First Nation and a Medical Health Officer with the Vancouver Island HealthContinue reading “Connections between planetary health, indigenous sovereignty, and sports”

Capacity development as a structural intervention for sustainable health

By Ngozi Joe-Ikechebelu As a public health specialist from the global south (Nigeria) and eager to start my much-anticipated Canadian PhD study, I never envisaged being involved with such a dynamic, trans-disciplinary health group as the BCCI. The on-site event at the Interior Health office in Kelowna, a city surrounded by hills, brought a sereneContinue reading “Capacity development as a structural intervention for sustainable health”