Pre-workshop prep: Equity-centred practices for connecting knowledge with action

These resources provide an introduction to the principles, as well as the focus of the first BCCI, equity-centred practices for connecting knowledge with action.

  1. Read the CCGHR Principles for Global Health Research.
  2. Watch the video on the CCGHR Principles for Global Health Research.
  3. Consider the following questions, and be prepared to share your thoughts:
    1. How do these principles fit with your own comfort zone? Where do they stretch you the most?
    2. What disciplinary values do these principles align well with, confront, or challenge?
    3. How could these principles inform different parts of the research process? How do you think practicing the principles might change across the research spectrum?
    4. If you think about putting these principles into practice, what points in the research process would doing so be the most challenging? Are there paradoxes that you might encounter?
  4. Read the following case-studies prepared, in part, by your BCCI “Authors-on-Tap”. Identify an author or topic that interests you the greatest! During the workshop, you will be given time to engage with these “Authors-on-Tap”.
    1. Dr. Jerry Spiegel:
      1. “Establishing a community of practice of researchers, practitioners, policy-makers and communities to sustainably manage environmental health risks in Ecuador”
      2. “Why language matters: Insights and challenges in applying a social determination of health approach in a North-South collaborative research program”
    2. Dr. Annalee Yassi:
      1. “Protecting health workers from infectious disease transmission: An exploration of a Canadian-South African partnership of partnerships”
    3. Dr. Susana Caxaj:
      1. “Challenges faced by temporary migrant agricultural workers”
    4. Watch Dr. Stephanie Nixon’s brief introduction to Power and Privilege.
    5. Watch Dr. Sana Sharam & Dr. Bernie Pauly’s Pre-BCCI seminar The State of Health Equity in BC Health Systems featuring results from the Equity Lens in Public Health work.

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